Our Parents

The Role of Parents

In St. Michael’s we place a strong emphasis on partnership with parents to ensure the best possible progress of each student. Education is viewed as a joint effort between school, teachers, student and parents. As a consequence great emphasis is placed on mutual co-operation.

The school acknowledges the role of parents in the development and operation of our Code of Behaviour.

To ensure our continued success, it is essential that all parents support the school in its efforts and that they are seen and heard to do so by their daughters.

Contact with parents is maintained through the Student Journal, parent/teacher meetings, by telephone, individual meetings with parents which may take place at the request of the parents or the school, and formal written reports at least twice yearly.

Teachers may record sanctions given to students in the Student’s Journal for the information of parents.

Parents are required to sign their daughter’s journal each week thus becoming aware of teachers’ comments.
Parents who wish to make enquiries or representations on any school matter should contact the school for an appointment.

This Code of Behaviour, is to help us achieve our goal. It has been drawn up by the teachers in consultation with students and parents and has been approved by the Board of Management.

Please remember that it is not possible to write down rules that cover every possible situation and as a general principle students are required to show respect for others and for property. A student who is in breach of our Code of Behaviour will receive appropriate sanctions. All sanctions in this document are subject to the discretion of the Principal. This document will be the subject of regular review.

These are the standards of behaviour that we expect from every student in St. Michael’s.