Home School Liaison


  • Offers a welcoming face to Parents at Parent Teacher meetings and other school events
  • Welcomes Parents into the school at the HSCL Office near the main entrance door casually, or by appointment
  • Works to build BONDS of TRUST & RESPECT with Parents
  • Visits Parents in their homes to listen, support and offer practical advice to Parents, so that they can be fully involved in their child’s education. Looks after the Parents’ Room (Corner Room downstairs in the Sports Hall).
  • Parents’ Association Meetings take place here
  • Organises  Courses & Classes – open to all family members
  • Is available every Tuesday 1-1.30pm in the Parents’ Room for a chat / cuppa !

Classes / activities:

  • These are run in conjunction with other schools in the area and a new programme is produced each term.  For more information about current activities, contact
  • Colm McElroy, HSCL teacher at 8341767.

Parents’  Association

The school has an active and vibrant Parents’  Association whose main aim is to foster a closer link between school and home for the benefit of students.Its AGM is held early in the new school year. Membership of the Association is automatic to all parents or guardians who have one or more children at the school.

Participation at committee level is voluntary.The Parents Association Committee meets regularly during the school year. Staff Members may join the committee.

The next Parents Association Meeting has yet to be decided.

Parent-Teacher Communication

The Student journal can be used to communicate with parents. Please keep the top coloured copy of any note given to a student for school records. This should be removed from the journal immediately.

Pastoral Care System

Each Year Group has a Year Head who has overall responsibility for the Year Group.
Each Class has a Class Tutor who takes the roll call each morning and takes responsibility for the class group.

The Pupiline Care Team takes meets once a week. Students can be referred directly or through the Tutor/Year Head.

Students can be referred to the Guidance Counsellor directly or through the Year Head/Tutor.

The Special Needs Coordinator should be informed of any concerns regarding students with Special Needs.


Twitter Account

We have a twitter account in St. Michael’s. Just visit us on twitter@hsclstm for all the latest updates from the Home School Liaison office. This is a quick and easy way to stay informed.