ICT Acceptable User Policy

Parents and Students are asked to agree to the following:


  • I (students name [Block Capitals])………………………………………… agree to comply with the school rules on the use of the Internet.
  • I understand that logs will be kept of all sites visited by me.
  • I undertake to act responsibly and use the Internet for coursework only.
  • I undertake to respect copyright and not to plagiarise others’ work.
  • I agree to download pages to my personal file only when permitted to do so by my teacher.
  • I agree with and grant permission to members of staff to check my personal disks for viruses and unsuitable material.
  • I pledge not to attempt to access unsuitable material.
  • I understand and accept that the possession of unsuitable material can lead to severe penalties being imposed by school authorities and/or prosecution by the police.
  • I understand and accept that sanctions will be imposed by St. Michael’s Secondary School for violation of the agreed Acceptable User Policy.