School Tours Policy


The Board of Management recognises that school tours and trips contribute positively to the personal and educational development of students.

The primary concern of the Board of Management is the health and safety of all those participating in such trips.

The board of Management acknowledges the contribution to such tours of all members of the school community.


1. Verbal discussion with administration.
2. Letter from Tour Leader to Board of Management requesting permission to organise the tour. Letter to include:

a) Tour description and draft itinerary (or equivalent from a previous year’s tour to the same venue).
b) Proposed number of Students involved and Year Group.
c) Proposed number of Teachers involved.
d) Financial projections.
e) Any other relevant information.

3. Provisional sanction of Board, to organise.

Subject to and following provisional sanction to organise by Board of Management:

4. A Meeting of Tour Team, Year Heads and Administration regarding list of students requesting to travel. An agreed profile of the type of students who may not travel should be agreed. (At a later date, names of students receiving warnings or refusals to travel should be furnished to the Board).
5. Agreed date for simultaneous promotion and assessment of level of interest.
6. A meeting of Parents, Tour Team, Students and Administration so that:
7. Administration can explain rules, sanctions, responsibility.
8. Leader can inform regarding general organisation, rules to be signed, refunds, cancellation by school or student.
9. Administration can advise on what may lead to a student not being allowed to travel.
10. Parents: sign tour form accepting the rules, standards expected, right of tour leader to enforce these.
11. Deposits may be paid and collected.
12. Formal Tour List of all Staff (although this may be subject to change) and Students, indicating Year Group of each Student, together with detailed itinerary, supervision arrangements, and up to date accounts to be furnished to the Board.
13. Final Sanction of the Board to proceed.
14. Definitive lists of staff/students/final costs, etc to be furnished to BOM.


The following rules must be strictly adhered to. They are in the interests of safety and enjoyment.
1. Teachers’ instructions and advice must be adhered to at all times.
2. Students must not leave the school group at any time unless permitted to do so. A student must never be on her own.
3. Time-keeping is vitally important. Students must be punctual at all times to avoid inconvenience to others. Coach drivers are required to adhere to driving time regulations. Reservation times for visits to sites must be kept.
4. Students are forbidden to interfere in any way with the possessions or property of others.
5. Students are not permitted to smoke. Neither are they permitted to buy cigarettes.
6. Purchasing, carrying or consuming alcohol or any illegal substance is strictly forbidden.
7. If you are on medication, whether prescribed or not, you must report it to your leader before departure.
8. Students may only enter duty free areas if accompanied by a teacher.
9. Each individual is responsible for her own belongings.
10. You must be well behaved at all times. Do not let yourself, St. Michael’s or Finglas down.
11. Each student must supply (a) their home number and (b) a second number, for use in an emergency. Please indicate the relationship you have with the owner of the second number. E.g. aunt, grandparent, neighbour, etc.
12. Students must be quiet in their hotel room as other guests will be trying to sleep. Any student making noise or misbehaving will be dealt with severely.
13. Under no circumstances may people who are unconnected with St. Michael’s be given access to any of the students rooms.
14. Failure to obey any of these rules will mean severe punishment
15. while still away and (b) on returning to school.
16. Each student must carry with her the name, address & phone no. of the hotel (this will be provided by a member of the tour team).

The Code of Behaviour of St. Michael’s applies to students who are on tour.
Sanctions for breach of rules may include; Suspension, Compensation, Banning from Future Activities, Re-registration refusal.

Where a student’s behaviour is deemed to jeopardise the well-being of the Tour or themselves, that student may be sent home and any costs incurred recovered later from the parents.


3(A) Initial Letter to Parents
This will outline details of the proposed tour, its availability and its probable costs. It will also include a list of School Tour Rules and the following sentence:

In accepting these rules I am agreeing to forfeit the tour place and any money paid if the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal find that my daughter has been guilty of a serious breach of school rules between now and tour departure.

3(b) Commitment Letter
I have read the rules for the School Tour and agree to allow my daughter to participate in the tour and be bound by the rules.

In accepting these rules I am agreeing to forfeit the tour place and any money paid if the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal find that my daughter has been guilty of a serious breach of school rules between now and tour departure.

I accept the right of the Tour Leaders to discipline my daughter in the case of a breach of the rules while on tour.

I authorise Tour Leaders to act on my behalf during the duration of the tour.

Please note: Parents are expected to inform the Tour Leader in writing of any medical condition or illness from which the students may suffer.

Parent’s Signature:


Student’s Signature:



Major Incident:
1. If deemed necessary by Tour Leader and if possible, a Student may be sent home.
School and Parents should be notified of this and time of arrival.
Student should be accompanied by a member of staff accompanying the Tour Group.
Cost of this to be borne by Parents.

2. The Teacher concerned will:
a. Fill out official Report Form.
b. The Student will sign a statement.

3. A standard letter should be sent to the Parents with the Student and/or a Phone call made to Parents expressing dissatisfaction regarding the students behaviour while on tour. This is to request Parents to contact the School and arrange an immediate interview. This should take place prior to the student returning to school.

A meeting of the Tour Team should be held on first day after return to review report on incident(s) and agree sanctions.

Minor Incident:
1. Action to be taken by Teacher/Tour Leader on the spot.

2. A warning to be issued regarding report if incident recurs.


This should be done at a Team Meeting where the following will be reviewed.

1. General satisfaction with Tour arrangements regarding travel and accommodation.
2. An overview of educational value of the Tour and social aspects.
3. A Report on observance of rules or problems arising regarding these.
4. Comments on general behaviour of Students on tour.
5. An evaluation of School policy and procedures on Tour.
6. The incident forms to be available to the Board if requested.
7. The process to be reviewed.